RCM Guidebook: Building a Reliable Plant Maintenance Program

RCM Guidebook: Building a Reliable Plant Maintenance Program is a must-have for those responsible for developing plant maintenance programs. It provides a basic outline of a complex subject. It explains how to build a robust maintenance program. It includes guidance for engineers and managers on how to keep it simple. It provides many real plant examples. Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) is a risk-management process that is objective, measurable, and systematic as it selects and performs effective preventive maintenance (PM) tasks. This text provides what readers really need - guidance on how to keep PM development with RCM simple and understandable. This text will appeal to a range of readers, providing a nuts and bolts reference material on practical RCM use. August gives readers a step-by-step explanation of maintenance plan development. He begins with a three primary utility requirements for maintenance optimization, and explains the roles of equipment templates, component failures, work scopes, practical implementation barriers, process considerations, data control, RCM standards, and software applications.