Rarefied Gas Dynamics: 22nd International Symposium, Sydney, Australia, 9-14 July 2000

Since their creation in 1958, the International Symposia on Rarefied Gas Dynamics serve as one of the main forums for the presentation of recent advances in scientific and technical fields involving physical phenomena and processes in gases in rarefied regimes. Symposia on rarefied gas dynamics are concerned with the properties and flows of rarefied gases and with the interactions of these gases with solid surfaces and force fields. The essential characteristic of a rarefied flow is a reasonably high Knudsen number or higher density flows where very small physical dimensions are relevant. Topics include: kinetic theory and transport phenomena; rarefied flow studies; plasma flows and processing; numerical methods; gas-surface interactions; particle models and procedures; microscale flows; multiphase flows; chemical reactions and thermal radiation; low density aerodynamics; jets, plumes, and propulsion; clusters, aerosols, and granular gases; and internal flows and vacuum systems.