Rainbows of Intelligence: Exploring How Students Learn

`This book is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Sue Teele elegantly takes the reader from theory to practical application with seamless, integrated lesson which guide, inspire, and ultimately help educators address the needs of all students' - Jo Gusman, President, New Horizons in Education, Inc., Sacramento, California This book explores the multiple ways students process information and examines multiple intelligences through the relationship between rainbows, colours, and how individuals learn. If we consider the full range of human potential as the spectrum of the rainbow, then each individual is unique and has the potential to develop all of the intelligences using different areas of the brain. The author has included several lesson plans that can be adapted for students of any age, and has written them to meet United States and California standards. This book will be a valuable resource for educators and administrators, school boards, and parents.