Radiology of the Small Intestine

There is a tradition behind the current radiologic examination of the small bowel. Many of the great names in gastrointestinal radiology have established their reputations on the basis of their work in the small bowel. This is an area which is assuming ever greater importance for radiologists as its mucosal surface continues to elude the endos- copist. Moreover, it is an aspect of radiology which calls for the greatest technical and interpretative skill. It is a great pleasure to welcome the English language version of this beautiful work on Radiology of the Small Intestine. English- speaking physicians are frequently not as familiar with the large body of work published in French as they should be. Tant pis ! Dr. Bret and his co-workers have been pioneers in the pursuit of excellence in gastrointestinal radiology. During all the years that I have been involved in this field, I have admired their work.