Radio Pulsars: An Astrophysical Key to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe

This book covers a broad range of radio pulsar-related topics, which were presented and discussed at the conference held in Chia (Sardinia, Italy) in October 2010. At that time, the first unexpected discoveries of some new large scale pulsar surveys began to appear, while the recent strong efforts of the pulsar scientific community in the fields of timing and of the timing arrays led to many exciting results. Moreover, fall 2010 turned out to be the right time to elaborate on the first theoretical consequences from the unprecedented database of gamma-ray data collected by Fermi and Agile satellites. As stated by Jocelyn Bell - whose 45 year career were celebrated during the conference - the radio pulsar field keeps re- inventing itself [...] and this pattern has continued at this meeting with once again intriguing, fascinating results being presented.