Quicktime 6 for Macintosh and Windows

QuickTime 6 is one of those technologies that's hard to get a handle on: It's not just an application, but an entire cross-platform multimedia architecture you can use to view and create a vast range of multimedia projects. Now over 10 years old, QuickTime has become the Web standard for streaming and non-streaming video content. QuickTime 6 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, puts the QuickTime architecture in perspective, providing both the big picture as well as detailed instructions for accomplishing a variety of tasks--from creating slide-show presentations, editing movies, and creating music soundtracks, to uploading videos for streaming over the Web. The task-based, visual layout takes an easy approach to teaching QuickTime, using pictures to guide you through the ins and outs of the program. If you're a beginner, you'll learn just what you need to know to get started, while all of you seasoned professionals can use the handy visual tabs to quickly look up the new features and tools of version 6, including support for MPEG-4.