Mixed media product
Using clear, concise copy and many real-world application examples, this text provides a description of finite-element method (FEM) implementation, while the software provides the code and tools needed to solve the three major types of EM problems. The book provides an overview of basic FEM concepts, outlines the capabilities and advantages of employing FEM methods, defines key finite elements, and describes various hybrid methods and absorbing boundary conditions. The full package enables you to: analyze E- and H-plane waveguide discontinuities and devices; calculate the radiation diagram on principal planes of aperture antennas modelled as 2-D structures; create geometric models using a fully functional 2-D mesh generator; understand reflection from and transmission through 2-D inhomogenous periodic structures, such as dichroics and photonic crystals; compute the dispersion diagram of arbitrarily shaped inhomogenous isotropic lossless or lossy guiding structures; and analyze scattering from arbitrarily shaped inhomogenous 2-D objects.