Quesna I: Investigations in the Ptolemaic-Roman Cemetery 2006-2013

Series: Excavation Memoir (109)
Paperback / softback
Since 2006, investigations have been carried out in the Quesna necropolis by the team of the EES Minufiyeh Archaeological Survey. Quesna I concerns the first element of work now completed, the investigations in the Ptolemaic-Roman cemetery. The volume includes the results of the preliminary magnetic survey, a general description of the site, and a main catalogue that presents information on each of the burials excavated and analysed (bioanthropological data, information relating to the graves, documentation of grave goods). This is followed by a synthesis of demographic data, evaluating the population both within the site at Quesna and the wider Egyptian and Mediterranean world. A specific chapter is dedicated to the description of the ceramic, mud, fired-brick and wooden coffins found. A catalogue of ceramic finds relating to the cemetery is also included.