?Que me dices? is all about conversation. Intended for the fourth or fifth semester course at colleges and universities around the world, its plethora of engaging pair and small group activities motivate learners to put Spanish to use to create meaningful, memorable, and enjoyable exchanges and realistic conversations. Students are presented and guided through chapter themes and are given opportunities to research topics of their choice, which are then discussed and shared through task-oriented activities in the classroom. The ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for speaking provide the basis for the selection of content and sequencing in ?Que me dices? Chapters in the text move from functions, text types and contexts targeted at the intermediate-mid level of proficiency up to the superior level. Many classroom activities are designed around the type of conversation stimuli one would encounter during an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). Chapters are not interrelated so depending on the level of students, one can start at any given chapter.