Quartz 2D Graphics for Mac OS X Developers: Introduction to MAC OS X Graphics

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Core Graphics is the new graphics framework for Mac OS X. Quartz, the 2D drawing system, and Core Image, which processes both video and still images, are the key new technologies in this framework and provide the tools Mac OS X developers need to create and draw graphics for their applications that target the design-savvy Mac consumer audience. With the evolution of Mac OS X, Apple is phasing out use of its previous graphics framework, QuickDraw, and encouraging all developers to begin using Core Graphics. The model for Quartz is completely unique and entirely different from QuickDraw creating a steep learning curve for all developers moving over. This book is in an introduction and guide to working with Core Graphics, specifically Quartz and Core Image. It carries the developer through the fundamental Quartz models and basic concepts such as drawing, coordinating system basics, virtual paint, and CGContext. Once the fundamentals are covered, author Scott Thompson delves into more advanced topics such as shading, patterns, and manipulating image effects. Practical code examples enhance the discussion and offer Mac developers the information they need to incorporate these powerful graphics into their own Mac OS X Applications.