Quantum Mechanics: Principles, New Perspectives, Extensions & Interpretation

The interpretation of Quantum Mechanics has been the source of an intense debate since its earlier years of existence. The present book takes a different path to disclosure of a complete and self-contained interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Beginning from its mathematical foundations, from which the Schrödinger equation is mathematically derived in six different but complementary ways, the book is capable of constructing an interpretation that follows closely the formalism of the theory, thus avoiding each and every weird construct of the other proposals, such as the "reduction of the wave packet", the Copenhagen Interpretation, "non-locality and wholeness", Hidden Variable theories, the Relative State Interpretation, and many other concepts that render Quantum Mechanics its (much infamous but also glorified) fame of a hermetic theory when it comes to its interpretation. Each derivation of the Schrödinger equation is shown equivalent to the others in precise mathematical terms, while these mathematical developments are kept at a level comprehensive for any graduate student in Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. It allows the reader to understand how the constructs involved in one derivation compose with the constructs of all the other derivations to bring about a lively image of the interpretation of the theory. Many simulations are presented such that the reader can see what is going on within any quantum mechanical phenomenon.