Quantum Dynamics of Charge and Energy Transfer in Molecular Systems: An Introduction into Computer Simulations

This advanced text is based on the successful concept of the first and second edition of the monograph, in presenting a unified perspective on molecular charge and energy transfer processes. The authors bridge the regimes of coherent and dissipative dynamics, thus establishing the connection between classic rate theories and modern treatments of ultrafast phenomena. The book serves as an introduction for graduate students and researchers. The style of writing, end of chapter problems and especially accompanying model code make this book unrivalled on the market. Among the new topics of this second edition are:* semiclassical and quantum-classical hybrid formulations of molecular dynamics* the basics of femtosecond nonlinear spectroscopy* electron transfer through molecular bridges and proteins* multidimensional tunneling in proton transfer reactions* two-exciton states and exciton annihilation in biological and nonbiological chromophore complexes More illustrating examples as well as an enlarged reference list are added. A new chapter gives an introduction into the theory of laser pulse control of molecular transfer processes.