Qatar & Britain: Celebrating a Century

When Qatar threw off the Ottoman yoke in 1915, Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al-Thani sealed an understanding with Britain that was to evolve from a basic military alliance to a close trading partnership. T oday the alliance runs deep. Quite apart from the economic ties that relate to Qatar's energy reserves (more than 20% of Britain's gas requirements are supplied by Qatar) and aside from the substantial role played by British companies in helping Qatar to develop her infrastructure requirements, there are ties in education, politics and culture that bind the two countries far more closely than might be immediately apparent. Presenting accounts from some twenty-five individuals who each had a role to play in that relationship, this celebration of the mutual links will distill a considerable pool of wisdom and experience into a readable and engaging narrative. Richly illustrated with portraits of the interviewees alongside archival photographs, Qatar & Britain, A Century Together, will be a valuable addition to the understanding of the two nations' shared history.