Psychotherapy and Counseling With Asian American Clients: A Practical Guide

How do you prepare clinicians to work with Asian Americans? What aspects of Asian cultures or of Asian American social environmental experiences are salient for consideration in mental health services? What do you do differently as an Asian American clinician working with Asian American clients, as compared to working with mainstream European clients? Authors George Hong and MaryAnna Domokos-Cheng Ham draw on their practical experience as clinicians and answer these questions in their book Psychotherapy and Counseling with Asian American Clients. There are relatively few publications that systematically describe culturally syntonic clinical practices developed by practitioners working with Asian Americans. George K Hong and MaryAnna Domokis-Cheng Ham provide a practical and culturally relevant treatment guide of the major therapeutic approaches to counseling and psychotherapy. The authors discuss the commonality and diversity among Asian Americans, and also give special attention to the dynamics and clinical implications of the immigration and the refugee experience. By the examination of the curriculum and training issues, this book prepares clinicians to provide appropriate mental health services to Asian Americans. This book is an excellent source for graduate students taking courses in multicultural counseling and clinical psychology. Additionally, those engaged in Asian Studies programs would also find a use for this text.