Psychology in the Trenches: Stories, Strategies, and Outcomes

Paperback / softback
In reviewing Dr. Corson's Stress, Self-Concept, and Violence (AMS 1989), G. C. Walters wrote Stress Gets a Personality. This new book elaborates on the notions about personality that Corson described in 1989 and follows the lives of the violent individuals whose cases were described in the first book. Here, Corson expands his description to include work with clients who have no history of violent behavior: combat veterans with severe post-traumatic stress disorder, individuals with panic attacks, sex offenders, and people who find it difficult to deal with the stresses of daily life. He shows how carefully selected principles of learning, and attention to data gathered at each session, can guide the course of treatment, and how it is possible - even with limited staff in a rural setting - to design individualized interventions that lead to tangible benefits for this very challenging population of clients.