Pseudomonas Syringae and Related Pathogens: Biology and Genetic

This volume mainly reports on new and recent advances of different aspects of Pseudomonas syringae, a plant pathogenic bacterial species that includes a high number of pathogens of important crops, which is an important model organism in plant pathology. In addition also some fluorescent Pseudomonas spp., responsible for new and emerging diseases, as well as pathogens previously included in the above genus and now classified in the Genera Ralstonia, Acidovorax are considered. Each chapter, cured by leading scientists in the field, reports recent knowledge on the ecology and epidemiology, molecular, physiological and biochemical aspects of pathogen-plant interactions, disease management and control, diagnosis and detection, and taxonomy of P. syringae. This book is an important tool for graduate students, as well as research plant pathologists, plant bacteriologists, plant microbe molecular biologists and cell microbe biologists.