Projects for New Technologies in Education: Grades 6-9

Paperback / softback
This text integrates CD-ROMs, online databases, telecommunications, and information networks (e.g., CompuServe, America Online, 20th Century Video Encyclopedia) into resource-based instruction-cooperatively planned by the teacher-librarian and the classroom teacher-for students working in cooperative learning groups. Step-by-step procedures for planning and implementing technologies into both library and classroom curriculums help educators use technology to teach research skills. With a hands-on approach, this book complements Barron's New Technologies for Education, 3d edition (Libraries Unlimited, 1997) (p. 00), and will serve as a practical planning tool for busy school librarians and media specialists, classroom teachers, computer coordinators, and anyone involved with educational technology. A variety of subjects are covered in the units (e.g., immigration, environment), and projects are flexible enough to allow for the interchange of technologies. Provided for each are an introd