Project Governance: Integrating Corporate, Program and Project Governance

Corporate governance has come under intense scrutiny in recent years, following numerous high profile corporate collapses. Shareholders and other stakeholders are demanding increased accountability, transparency, and ability to implement strategy. As projects and programs are the vehicles for delivery of corporate strategies, project governance, within the corporate governance framework, has become a hot topic in organizations. In the last year or so, project and program governance have become widely used terms in organizations and have been used in titles for several conferences, but there has till now, been no publication that has clearly presented project and program governance concepts and their application in practice. This book meets the needs of researchers, teachers of project management and practitioners while also responding to the needs of senior managers, project and program managers in organizations tasked with establishing project governance frameworks. It presents a clear view of what constitutes project governance, how it relates to corporate governance and how it can be deployed in organizations to enhance corporate performance.