Programmer's Guide to nCurses

Programming the console in UNIX? Herea s just what you need. First, youa ll get a no--nonsense tutorial guide to the nCurses version 5.5 library, taking you from basic to advanced functions step by step. Then youa ll find an A--to--Z reference of more than 175 nCurses functions, cross--referenced and illustrated with examples. With this all--purpose nCurses reference, you'll: * Learn techniques that can be used to program Linux(R), FreeBSD(R), Mac OS(R) X, or any other UNIX--based OS.* Program, control, and manipulate text on the terminal screen.* Control interactive I/O, organize content into windows on the screen, and use color to highlight text and organize information.* Use a mouse to further refine input.* Create nCurses programs using your choice of editors.* Find hundreds of quick, easy--to--understand programming examples. Author Dan Gookin is known for making technology make sense. Buy this book and youa ll see why.