Professional Refactoring in C# and ASP.NET

C# and ASP.NET developers become more productive and efficient by utilizing the power of refactoring to improve the design of existing code This unique book is the only one on the market covering this high-demand topic--using refactoring tools and techniques to fix bad code; this hands-on book teaches advanced level C# and ASP.NET programmers exactly how to apply valuable refactoring techniques Walks readers through building prototype applications from scratch, then refactors them step-by-step into an enterprise-level application while clearly explaining different code and refactoring transformations; most of the resulting transformations readers will see are based on real-world scenarios that come up frequently in businesses Covers classic refactoring and code smells, refactoring process and unit testing, object-oriented theory and design patterns, refactoring to patterns, and HTML and ASP.NET specific refactoring Danijel Arsenovski (Santiago, Chile), Microsoft MVP, is a senior developer and consultant and the author of Professional Refactoring in Visual Basic. He holds Microsoft's Solution Developer certification, is C# certified, and is often a featured speaker at Microsoft's technical conferences.