Professing Linguistic Historiography

The volume brings together recent papers by the author, selected to form a broad picture of his teachings, all of them revised and updated, either addressing particular topics in the Histor(iograph)y of Linguistics (Part I) or offering historical accounts of linguistic subfields (Part II), in altogether 10 chapters: 1, Persistent Issues in Linguistic Historiography; 2, Metalanguage in Linguistic Historiography; 3, The Natural Science Impact on Theory Formation in 19th and 20th Century Linguistics; 4, Saussure and the Question of the Sources of his Linguistic Theory; 5, Chomsky's Readings of the Cours de linguistique generale; 6, Toward a History of Modern Sociolinguistics; 7, Toward a History of Americanist Linguistics; 8, Toward a History of Linguistic Typology; 9, History and Historiography of Phonetics: A state-of-the-art account, and 10, The 'Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis': An historico-bibliographical essay. Index of authors; index of subjects & terms.