Proceedings of the 16th International Meshing Roundtable

The papers in this volume were selected for presentation at the 16th Int- national Meshing Roundtable (IMR), held October 14 17, 2007 in Seattle, Washington, USA. The conference was started by Sandia National Labora- riesin1992asasmallmeetingoforganizationsstrivingtoestablishacommon focus for research and development in the ?eld of mesh generation. Now after 16 consecutive years, the International Meshing Roundtable has become r- ognized as an international focal point annually attended by researchers and developers from dozens of countries around the world. The 16th International Meshing Roundtable consists of technical pres- tations from contributed papers, keynote and invited talks, short course p- sentations, and a poster session and competition. The Program Committee would like to express its appreciation to all who participate to make the IMR a successful and enriching experience. The papers in these proceedings were selected from among 41 submissions by the Program Committee. Based on input from peer reviews, the committee selected these papers for their perceived quality, originality, and appropria- ness to the theme of the International Meshing Roundtable. We would like to thank all who submitted papers. We would also like to thank the colleagues who provided reviews of the submitted papers. The names of the reviewers are acknowledged in the following pages. We extend special thanks to Lynn Washburn, Bernadette Watts, and Jacqueline Finley for their time and e?ort to make the 16th IMR another outstanding conference.