Principles of Water Rates Fees and Charges M1

Paperback / softback
The new fifth edition of AWWA Manual M1, 'Principles of Water Rates, Fees, and Charges', consolidates information from the following four AWWA rate manuals: Manual M1, Water Rates, Fourth Edition, with information about how to determine costs of water service to customer classes, and recover those costs with the proper rate structure; Manual M26, Water Rates and Related Charges, Second Edition, which covers connection charges, service extensions, system development charges, fire protection, wholesale rates, and miscellaneous charges; Manual M34, Water Rates Structures and Pricing, Second Edition, which presents in-depth guidance for the growing variety of rate structures for water utilities; Manual M35, Revenue Requirements, which provides expanded discussion on methods for determining revenue requirements for both investor-owned and government-owned utilities. All the water rate information you need in one manual.