Principles of Biomedical Instrumentation and Measurement

A contemporary new text for preparing students to work with the complex patient-care equipment found in today's modern hospitals and clinics. It begins by presenting fundamental prerequisite concepts of electronic circuit theory, medical equipment history and physiological transducers, as well as a systematic approach to troubleshooting. The text then goes on to offer individual chapters on common and speciality medical equipment, both diagnostic and therapeutic. Self-contained, these chapters can be used in any order, to fit the instructor's class goals and syllabus. Principles are developed according to a unified theory that clearly illustrates the relationship between electronic, pneumatic and fluid equipment. Computer applications are integrated throughout the coverage. An appendix provides programmes for in-text calculations, half in BASIC and half in calculator sequence. Theme boxes in every chapter offer insights into current topics. A wealth of example problems - 25 in chapters 4 and 5 alone - provide practice in analyzing equipment problems in a variety of areas. A prior course in circuit theory is assumed.