Principals Under Pressure: The Growing Crisis

Alexander W. Wiseman presents the arguments, rationales, and explanations for what American principals do by looking at the international context in which the American educational system is situated and in which American school principals operate. This book offers a combination of background, theoretical perspective, data analysis, and policy recommendations founded upon evidence derived from empirical research. While books and articles touting the benefits of strong leadership have dominated popular principal literature, the managerial activity of principals is a topic of increasing importance but little attention. Being a principal is not about taking personal charge as much as it is about assembling and directing an excellent team and providing trusted team members with the resources and opportunities to do the best work they are capable of doing. Being able to be invisible, or 'lead from behind,' is one of the best characteristics that many 'good' principals have. This book provides an explanation for why this is so and principles for how to avert the growing crisis for American school principals.