Primatas do Amapa: Guia de Identificacao de Bolso [Primates of Amapa: Pocket Identification Guide]

This laminated folding pocket guide provides an overview of the primates of Amapa, one of the northernmost states of Brazil and a haven for Amazonian primates.No Brazilian state holds more of its territory under protection than Amapa; at least 72% of its land area is legally protected, through a combination of conservation units and indigenous lands. At least ten species of primates are found across the state, ranging from the golden-handed tamarin to the Guianan black spider monkey. Although most of these species are drawn from the Guianas, several have extensive distributions in the Amazon as well, giving this region a unique convergence of primate faunas.More than a basic recognition sheet, this new field guide presents a compact summary of ecological and behavioral information for these ten species. Each profile includes full-body illustrations and up-close portrait views, as rendered by primate artist Stephen Nash, as well as distribution maps showing Amapa in the context of each species' overall range. The text for each profile includes information on ecology, behavior and distribution, as well as body measurements, field marks and an extensive selection of common names in both European and native languages.This is a sturdy and lightweight companion for journeys to Amapa, the Guianas or the northern Amazon.