Prevention and Management of Hip Fractures

Fractured neck of femur is a condition greatly feared by many elderly people. In my work as a ward sister and specialist nurse, I have come to recognize the unique challenges associated with caring for patients with femoral neck fracture. Their journey of care is a complex one, which needs to be well managed from the moment they arrive in the Accident and Emergency department until their discharge from the acute environment, through the rehabilitation process and their eventual discharge. With improved knowledge and a commitment to preventative strategies, we can do much to help reduce the incidence of hip fracture in the future. The aim of this book is to develop the reader's knowledge and skills in both theory and practice and to encourage readers to apply this knowledge when caring for people who have fractured their hip. It emphasizes the importance of collaborative working to promote effective rehabilitation and improve outcomes. This book will serve as a comprehensive resource for any nurse or allied health professional whose working life brings them into contact with people who have sustained a femoral neck fracture, and assist nurses them to meet the complex needs of this client group.