Pressure Surges: Safe Design and Operation on Industrial Pipe Systems

Transient flows in pipe/channel systems and components can have significant implications for their safe design and operation. It is important to avoid contamination of the environment or of the fluid being transported. Transient flow simulation and analysis is an essential requirement for assuring the safe operation of pipework systems. It has been shown to improve the availabiliy and reliability of pipework with considerable savings in maintenance, repair and liability costs. User-friendly software is available to assist engineers in many aspects of the field, but users should properly understand the physical process involved and the wide range of problems that can occur. They can then make informed interpretations of output. Without this know-how projects may proceed with a false sense of security and consequent risk. The papers included in Pressure Surges will deal with all aspects of unsteady flow and fluid transients in a variety of industries covering energy and power; oil and gas; chemical, process and petrochemical; water supply; building services; utilities systems; and other industries involving problems in: compressible, multi-phase and open channel/free surface flows; filing and draining, pressure surge alleviation; flow-induced vibrations and resonance; fluid-structure interaction; waterhammer and unsteady pipe flows; and turbomachine modelling, regulation and governing. Pressure Surges focues on safe and reliable design, including health, safety and environmental verification and should be of interest to all those engineers, project managers, commissioning and plant engineers, system designers, R&D engineers, academics and research students, and all those involved with this important area of engineering.