Preparing the NHS for an Information Revolution: BCS Report on the NHS Information Revolution Consultation on Propsals

The health and care sector requires fundamental transformation to deliver the required productivity and efficiency targets,whilst setting itself up to be able to respond to the ever-increasing demand pressures from chronic disease burden in an ageing population. Health is one of the last major information-intensive sectors awaiting a fundamental transformation, and like other sectors before it, this can not be accomplished without using information and technology to reinvent both its internal operational functions and its outward facing business model. An information revolution can support and help drive the changes that are required in the processes and methods of care provision at the start of the 21st century. Health informatics is key to the success of the envisaged Information Revolution. Our members were keen to bring their expertise to bear on a holistic approach to the challenges that face informatics in the health industry to support this initiative.The report focuses on nine different areas that will, and need to be, affected and taken into consideration by any information strategy in the health and care sector. The report contains almost 100 recommendations, but a number of themes are regularly occurring throughout.