Preneoplasia of the Breast

Safe and accurate preoperative diagnosis of breast lesions is crucial to spare patients unnecessary, disfiguring operations. Prenoeoplasia of the Breast covers the clinical, radiological and histological diagnosis of benign proliferative breast disease and precursor lesions of breast cancer. It focuses on a new immunohistochemical method based on an innovative progenitor cell concept of breast epithelium that has been developed by Prof. Boecker, Prof. Schnitt and Prof. Silverstein. This technique can also be used for small samples (percutaneous core biopsy) and offers high specificity, and, therefore, provides a greater degree of diagnostic security. The practical applicability and interpretation of the technique are integrated into a comprehensive description of all benign and malignant noninvasive proliferative diseases of the breast, including: interpretation of histologic samples attained by stereotactic biopsy (including immunohistochemistry); comparison of radiologic and pathologic findings; and, action to be taken in the case of in-situ malignoma Treatment of DICS.