Prehistoric Landscape and Iron Age Enclosed Settlement at Mingles Ditch, Hardwick-with-Yelford, Oxfordshire

This is a report on the excavation of an Iron Age settlement with remarkably well-preserved stratigraphy. The double-ditched enclosure had floors, paths and bones sealed beneath alluvium, preserving details of houses, hearths and other activity areas rarely found elsewhere. The site shows clear evidence of internal organization or zoning, separating domestic buildings, storage structures, animal enclosures and other agricultural activities, and new models of spatial analysis have been developed for the animal bones. The low-lying situation has provided rich waterlogged environmental deposits to complement the stratigraphic and artefactual evidence, resulting in an unusually complete picture of the operation of the site. A series of earlier waterlogged channel deposits has also provided a palaeoecological sequence dating back to the Late Glacial period.