Paperback / softback
Like many instructors today, Bob Prior's teaching has evolved in recent years to address major changes in the world of developmental math: the class format, the classroom itself, the teachers, and most importantly, the students. Bob teaches in a variety of formats (online, face-to-face, hybrid). He sees some students in class regularly and in office hours, while he knows other students only by name and email address. Prealgebra is based on Bob Prior's own varied teaching experiences, and is designed to serve the needs of today's developmental math student and classroom. Bob knows that because today's students don't always have a lot of face time with their instructors, a usable, thorough, easy-to-follow text is key to their success. He draws students into the book (and not just the exercise sets!) by incorporating practice opportunities throughout the body of text. Thorough explanations and examples explain the why behind the mathematics, and patiently develop each concept. Prealgebra is presented in a user-friendly, spiral-bound format, and is available with an all-in-one Student Resources DVD-ROM set that includes video lectures for each section of the text, all chapter test solutions on video, and the student's solutions manual. This new streamlined format conserves natural resources, while also providing convenience and savings for students.