Preah Khan Monastic Complex: Angkor, Cambodia

The temple of Preah Khan at Angkor in northern Cambodia is considered one of the most revealing of all examples of ancient Khmer architecture. Dating from 1191, it is a key work of the 'builder king' Jayavarman VII, having several unique features including its famed Two-Storey Pavilion, the monumental sculpture adorning its perimeter wall, and an intricately complex architectural layout. The precious Preah Khan stele discovered at the center of the site reveals through its Sanskrit stanzas extraordinary detail about the temple and its operation in the heyday of the Khmer Empire. Continuing the series of books co-published by Scala Publishers and WMF (World Monuments Fund), this richly illustrated volume outlines the history, significance, and accomplishments in conservation at Preah Khan during two decades of international collaboration between World Monuments Fund and the new generation of heritage protection professionals in the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia.