Pratt À Manger

When pretty young TV researcher Nicky Proctor visits Cafe Henry in Frith Street, Henry Pratt's life changes forever. He becomes an instant star of the TV food quiz, A Question of Salt and before long he is given his own series, Hooray, it's Henry. The book of the series reaches Number Two. Its sequel, The Pratt Diet does even better. He is a celebrity. Henry Pratt has come from a back-to-back in Thurmarsh to having The Old Manor House in Grayling-under-Witchwood as a weekend home.But, as usual in Henry's life, things begin to go wrong. He incurs the deep hatred of rival celebrity chef Bradley Tompkins, with his bad manners, bad wig and no Michelin stars. A war is waged against him. It starts harmlessly enough, with slashed tyres and a manure mountain outside his front door, but it escalates into plots and deceptions which threaten to destroy the reputation and career of the man dubbed 'The People's Chef'. It must be Bradley behind all this - or must it? Henry is driven to melodramatic measures in order to find out.On the domestic front, too, there are storms on the horizon. Henry is blissfully happy in his second marriage to Hilary, but he is sorely tempted by young Nicky and fellow quiz contestant, Sally, with her deep, tired, beautiful eyes, and the only Michelin star in Dorset. Can he resist? Can he become a real man at last? Or will success finally spoil Henry Ezra Pratt for good...?