A complete resource for students and practitioners of syntax at all levels, this guide covers matters most textbooks do not address. Founded in 1983, the Center for the Study of Language and Information launched its publishing program under the imprint of CSLI Publications to promote scholarship in linguistics, logic, philosophy, psychology, computer science, and other fields in cognitive science that contribute to the development of theories of language and information. The University of Chicago Press distributes nearly all CSLI Publications titles. Notable CSLI series include Stanford Monographs in Linguistics, offering exploratory works that employ new linguistic data; Studies in Constraint-Based Lexicalism, intended to disperse nonderivational, lexicalist approaches to grammar to a wide audience of linguists; and the Kant Lecture Series, which reports on current research in a manner accessible to the broader community of scholars, educators, students, and the public at large. Other CSLI series include Studies in Logic, Language and Information; The David Hume Series of Philosophy and Cognitive Science Reissues; Dissertations in Linguistics; Studies in Japanese Linguistics; and Stanford Monographs in African Languages.