Practical Evaluation for Collaborative Services: Goals, Processes, Tools, and Reporting Systems for School-Based Programs

Assessment and evaluation is particularly difficult when assessment strategies and tools must be designed from scratch and evaluation processes must be established within the context of existing evaluation processes and within complex models of service delivery. Practical Evaluation for Collaborative Services answers the call for help wherever assessment and evaluation are being considered as schools and community service agencies work to establish and evaluate broad-based community collaborative initiatives. This book is unique in that specific evaluation instruments are provided in a format that can be immediately copied and used. This factor alone will save many hours of development by local service providers and managers trying to design evaluation from scratch.In particular, readers will find an approach to monitor and measure parent/guardian involvement and coordination of multiple agency services. The instruments and processes were developed and used within large and small communities to assess collaborative service arrangements between public schools and service agencies such as public health, mental health, human services, etc. The authors believe the information complements existing national initiatives to develop and evaluate full-service schools.