Postcards from the Bump: A Chick's Guide to Getting to Know the Baby in Your Belly

Despite the abundance of parenting primers, no single book helped expectant parents focus on a key player in the process,the developing baby itself,until now. Postcards from the Bump teaches parents to recognize the many cues babies give about their burgeoning personalities and what they'll be like once they've entered the world. Here are true stories from moms, helpful tips, and how-to's,from dressing your bump to planning a babymoon to learning what those cravings mean,as well as simple, indulgent recipes like Gingerbread Patty Cakes and Dark Cluster Love Bars. The perfect gift for the mommy-to-be, Postcards from the Bump takes the focus off the hardships, fears, and pounds of pregnancy and places it firmly on the babies.