Post-Tenure Faculty Review and Renewal III: Outcomes and Impact

Series: JB - Anker
Paperback / softback
A joint publication from the American Association for Higher Education s New Pathways Project and Anker Publishing Company, this is the final book in a series on review, renewal, and vitality of tenured faculty. This volume brings together the findings from nine different institutional case studies, including research oriented and teaching oriented institutions of varying sizes, and one medical school. The book provides the most comprehensive report on the effectiveness and outcomes of post-tenure review within senior-level institutions as reported by campus faculty and administrators; this is the only national study to date that uses multiple methods of data collection to understand how campuses of differing size, mission, and culture experience the review process and describe its impact. Contents include Accountability and faculty performancePutting post-tenure review into context and practiceFaculty and administrator views about post-tenure review practices: Qualitative findingsA medical school version of post-tenure reviewSimilarities and differences across institutions: Quantitative findingsBridging results to practiceHow post-tenure review is a lever for organizational changeConsiderations for the future This book and its companion volumes allow practitioners, policymakers, and academic leaders to gain an understanding of the facets and issues associated with successfully conducting programs of post-tenure review.