Post-mediaeval Pottery, 1650-1800

The period from 1650 to 1800 is the most interesting and complex time in the development of English ceramics, with new types of pottery being developed all through that period, and with porcelain being made in Britain for the first time. Wares ranged from the simple, everyday earthenwares of the local potters up to the sophisticated products of Staffordshire and the porcelain factories. This book combines the art-historical or collector s approach with archaeologically excavated material. Methods of production and decoration are explained, and contemporary imports discussed. Over a hundred pots are illustrated, and a further reading list is included.About the authorJo Draper was born in Hampshire. She has published many archaeological reports, and an even larger number of pottery reports. Archaeologically excavated pottery led her to an interest in all ceramics, especially those of the post-medieval period. Her work includes archaeology, museums, creating exhibitions and writing.