Poser 7 Revealed: The Efrontier Official Guide

Mixed media product
Now you can conquer each essential feature of Poser 7! Poser 7 Revealed helps you develop the skills you need to create, render, and animate scenes and projects using the amazing tools offered by Poser 7. This hands-on guide provides you with step-by-step tutorials for each task, followed by projects that allow you to use each new skill on your own. Examine each feature room of Poser, including working with materials, cloth, hair, cameras, and bones. Put the power of Poser 7 to work for you as you learn how to simulate dynamic hair and cloth with collision detection, create realistic lighting with the image-based lighting feature, build custom morph targets with the new deformation brushes, use the new Talk Designer to automatically sync facial animations to an audio track, combine the power of Poser 7 with other software packages, create new motions using the new animation layers feature, and import externally created 3D models to enhance the scene.