Portraits of an Invisible Country: The Photographs of Jorge Mario Munera

In May 2003, Jorge Mario Munera won the Latino and Latin American Art Forum Prize, which entitled him to produce and present an exhibit at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University. By this time, Munera had already produced an important body of work, presenting even the farthest corners of his native Colombia through his photographs of people and their way of life. This volume, which bears the name of the exhibit that he presented at Harvard in 2004, marks the culmination of a five-year project between the photographer and the curator of the show, Jose Luis Falconi. Renowned in his home country for being one of the most prolific and influential photographers of his generation, Jorge Mario Munera was the first recipient of the National Photography Award in Colombia in 1998. Since then, numerous international recognitions have followed, chief among them, his appointment to the Andres Bello Chair of the King Juan Carlos Center at New York University. Portraits of an Invisible Country is comprised of a booklet of essays by leading authorities in the field, and a series of sixteen photo posters, which showcase the photographer's travels within Colombia and his careful depiction of his countrymen.