Portrait Painting Duo

2 Masters, 1 Model: Don't miss this must-see painter's duel. Advance your skills and your artwork with essential art instruction from top oil painting artists Scott Burdick and Daniel Gerhartz, in the exciting new resource: Portrait Painting Duo. Reflect your true vision in every piece and perfect your proportions with must-have advice and essential art instruction. Create stunning oil portraits and watch the masters as they share their own artistic processes to painting the same subject in two remarkably different ways. Explore two brilliant and very different methods for creating dynamic oil portraits full of character and teeming with life-don't miss a single step as you watch the masters transform two canvases into masterpieces before your eyes. Skip the guesswork with up-close shots and step-by-step guidance for creating remarkable oil portraits with ease. Order your copy of this dynamic DVD today to: Give all of your portraits the expert finesse they deserve-each master artist shares his advice for letting go of your internal template. Perfect your own approach and every piece through watching their two very different perspectives and methods to paint one model in two stunning oil portraits. Learn the masters' shortcuts for enhancing your proportions, such as using your own face to measure a life-size portrait painting. Improve the quality of every brushstroke with insights to paint excitement and drama in oil portraits. Don't be afraid of the dark (colors)-Gerhartz advises to put your darkest darks in early for a wider range of values in your portrait paintings. Enhance the focus of all your compositions with a deeper understanding of where to add detail-learn to paint only what you see. And more! Get a front-row seat to a master duel between two top oil painting artists in one exciting resource. Order your copy of this must-have portrait-painting resource today!