Poetry and Contemporary Culture: The Question of Value

The cultural value of poetry is critically examined in this book, from anthologies and academia to film and the internet. Attention is also given to the role of political ideologies and local, national and ethnic identities in the formation of poetic values. With chapters by distinguished critics from both sides of the Atlantic, the book ranges widely over contemporary poetry in America and the British Isles and explores transatlantic connections. Informed by current theoretical debates around ideas of value, the chapters focus these through clear discussion of texts in various media, including the work of a wide variety of poets and movements. The book carries forward the debate on the value of contemporary poetry amongst critics, scholars and practitioners while offering rich material for students and teachers of contemporary poetry and culture. Contributors: Jonathan Allison, Vicki Bertram, Paul Breslin, Cairns Craig, Robert Crawford, Lilias Fraser, Alan Golding, Romana Huk, Marjorie Perloff, Andrew Michael Roberts. Features * Focuses on the relationship between poetry and cultural practices * Informed by current theoretical debates about value * Wide range of British and American poetry discussed by leading critics from both sides of the Atlantic