ANDREW FINCH read Modern Languages at Oxford and was awarded a First. He went into teaching, and after experience at two other schools was appointed Headmaster of a new secondary school in Leicestershire with, in its first year, only 140 pupils. This little school was to pioneer new ideas in education. By the time he had guided it through more than twenty years of change, innovation and development, he found himself Principal of a thriving Upper School and Community College of over 1100 students. Writing and lecturing widely on educational topics, he has found time also to pursue a lifelong enthusiasm for music as a semi-professional classical pianist, playing in concerts and giving recitals in many parts of the country. He retired in 1981 and devoted himself to supporting a number of organisations concerned with peace, justice and the environment. Now enjoying a fortunate and healthy old age, he loves seeing his children and his friends, or keeping in touch with them by phone or correspondence if they live further away. From a review of the same author's previous book 'Variations'. The result is in my opinion a sensitive series of poems that express a wide range of personal experiences written in a language which is easily understood and which meets the aims of the author in that they 'strike a responsive chord' in the reader. The rhythm and sound of the words when spoken aloud never falters or jars and compares to the skilfully crafted 'wholeness' of the favourite piece of music. Paula Whirrity, Poetry Now Magazine.