Pocket PC, Handheld PC Developer's Guide with Microsoft Embedded Visual Basic

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The Windows Pocket PC and Handheld PC are the most robust handheld development platforms ever created. Now, there's a start-to-finish guide to VB handheld development for every Windows programmer. Best-selling Win32 expert Nick Grattan focuses on today's most exciting opportunities for handheld development: integration with existing enterprise and Web applications. Grattan begins with a thorough introduction to the Embedded Visual Basic (EVB) environment used to create Pocket PC/Handheld PC applications, and the key differences between EVB and desktop VB. He shows how to develop database applications using SQL Server for Windows CE, presenting detailed techniques for managing remote data access and replication. The book includes detailed coverage of sending and receiving data from IIS using ASP pages and Pocket Internet Explorer; receiving and parsing XML documents; and the role of .NET Services and SOAP in handheld development. Coverage also includes: managing remote access connections; interacting with data stored in Pocket Office; the Registry; file and serial I/O; and finally, architecting mobile solutions for maximum performance and reliability. For all developers interested in creating applications for Microsoft Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs, and for developers migrating from earlier versions of Windows CE.