Plant Cell Biology, Structure and Function

Tremendous advances have been made in techniques and application of microscopy since the authors' original publication of Plant Cell Biology, An Ultrastructural Approach in 1975. With this revision, the authors have added over 200 images exploiting modern techniques such as cryo-microscopy, immuno-gold localisations, immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy, and in situ hybridisation. Additionally, there is a concise, readable outline of these techniques. With these advances in microscopy and parallel advances in molecular biology, more and more exciting new information on structure-function relationships in plant cells has become available. This revision presents new images and provides a modern view of plan cell biology in a completely rewritten text that emphasizes underlying principles. It introduces broad concepts and uses carefully selected representative micrographs to illustrate fundamental information on structures and processes. Both students and researchers will find this a valuable resource for exploring plant cell and molecular biology.