Places of Refuge for Ships in Distress: Problems and Methods of Resolution

The problem of places of refuge for ships in distress is a pressing issue in maritime circles. Places of Refuge for Ships in Distress by Anthony Morrison examines the problem in the context of international and national law and analyses the remedies that have been suggested for resolving this troubling issue. The book examines places of refuge under international law, the laws of four major maritime States and the European Union. Places of Refuge for Ships in Distress analyses two proposed solutions - voluntary guidelines and a new convention. The book asserts that additional solutions are needed and examines potential alternatives. Places of Refuge for Ships in Distress is particularly useful, not only as an assessment of the specific problem, but also the wider examination of international maritime and environmental law that underpins any solution. It will serve as an essential resource to individuals involved in international, maritime and environmental law and those concerned with the threat to the environment posed by the carriage of dangerous goods by sea.