Pivot Table Data Crunching for Microsoft Office Excel 2007

This book consolidates all the best functionality of pivot tables into one guide that provides you with a meaningful tutorial, offering practical solutions to day-to-day problems. Within just the first 2 chapters, you will be creating basic pivot tables, increasing productivity, and producing reports in minutes instead of hours. Within the first 6 chapters, you will learn how to use pivot tables to quickly highlight your top 10 customers or bottom 5 products in profitability; quickly create analysis comparing sales this period to last period by product or region or both; easily summarize daily transactional data by month or quarter or year in a few mouse clicks-all without knowing any formulas! By the end of the book, you will truly be a pivot table guru, automating pivot tables using VBA, creating pivot tables with external data in OLAP cubes, and even creating dynamic reporting systems so that your managers can answer their own queries with a few mouse clicks. * Take advantage of the numerous pivot table recipes * Create powerful summary reports in seconds * Build ad-hoc query tools with ease * Enhance your Executive Reporting * Filter reports to top 10 customers or products * Add dynamic charts to reports * Quickly summarize daily data by month, quarter, or year Introduction ...1 1 Pivot Table Fundamentals ...11 2 Creating a Basic Pivot Table ...21 3 Customizing a Pivot Table ...45 4 Controlling the Way You View Your Pivot Data ...83 5 Performing Calculations Within Your Pivot Tables ...117 6 Using Pivot Charts and Other Visualizations ...141 7 Analyzing Disparate Data Sources with Pivot Tables ...167 8 Sharing Pivot Tables with Others ...189 9 Working with and Analyzing OLAP Data ...201 10 Enhancing Your Pivot Table Reports with Macros ...215 11 Using VBA to Create Pivot Tables ...231 12 Common Pivot Table Issues and Questions ...291 A Finding Pivot Table Commands on the Ribbon ...315