Piezoelectric Cantilevered Structures: Modeling, Control and Estimation Aspects

This book reflects new developments in the modeling and control of piezoelectric cantilevers. The main nonlinearities (hysteresis and creep) of these actuators are explained from a physical point of view and introduced into the modeling through operators and systems. The achieved models are adapted and used for the synthesis of classical (PID...) and advanced control schemes and laws. Another important aim of the control part in this book is the feed forward control which is of great interest for linearization and for damping vibration or for performances improvement when no sensor is available for feedback. Finally, the last part addresses the measurement techniques and integration for piezoelectric actuators. The concept of self-sensing and the use of observer techniques are highlighted, emphasizing the close relation between the nonlinearities and the reliability of the provided measurement. This book supplies practical tools for modeling, control and signal measurement of piezoelectric cantilevers. Numercial examples, identification and implementation procedures for experiments are provided. Finally, the appendices provide the tools to get familiar with the employed control techniques.