Picturing the Face of Jesus: Encountering Christ Through Art

For many who identify themselves as Christians, Jesus has never becomeexperientially personal or real. Countless others who have faithfully followedChrist confess to a spiritual dryness and lack of joy. These individuals are wearyand unmoved by the plethora of information about Jesus. What they long for is anexperience with Jesus. Picturing the Face ofJesus is an invitation to experience Christ more deeply. Through a richpalette of experiential media art contemplation, gospel story-telling, andimaginative prayer the reader is invited to picture the face of Jesus, hisexpressive, one-of-a-kind, human face. As a result, Jesus will become a real personwith whom they candidly relate, instead of a hero they merely admire. Through thisencounter, their own hearts will be transformed as they begin to reflect the face ofChrist to others.